Bagua’s direction is circular, emphasising use of horizontal strength and the open palm. The core concepts involved in Bagua Zhang are undoubtedly ancient. ‘Zhang’ means Palm, and so in the context of martial arts and the circumstantial variations of the eight trigrams, means the use of the open hand rather than closed fist, combined with associated footwork.

Bagua Zhang is a martial art based on the concept of perpetual change and adjustment to circumstances, to enable the exponent to overcome the physical force of an opponent with skill.

The soft/internal boxing Eight Trigram System, as we know it today, is derived from a certain Dong Hai Quan [Chuan], born in 1813 in Hebei Province. Bagua Zhang itself is based on the concept of change symbolized by the EIGHT TRIGRAMS (‘Ba Gua’) of the BOOK OF CHANGES [I Ching/I Jing] which represent all natural phenomena in the cycle of change to which all living things, including man, are subject.