Luohan Ru-Yi Quan
Luohan Ru-Yi Quan; ‘Printing’ the Red Palm/Push attack. Luohan Ru-Yi is also known as ‘The Old Man Set,’ or ‘Luohan “As You Wish” Fist.’

It is not to be confused with the other Lohan/Luohan boxing systems: it is a Secret Art in the highest and most true sense of the word, and was only known by certain Great Grandmasters of traditional Shaolin Gong Fu.

It is known as ‘The Old Man Set,’ ‘As You Wish Fist,’ and ‘Printing The Red Palm,’ because it contains mastery of techniques which only the most gifted Gong Fu masters of old could attain after a lifetime of learning and successful fighting.

With this level of Gong Fu reached the System enabled its rare and exceptionally talented breed of Gong Fu masters who had attained its secret techniques, to ‘push through’ any form of attack, and defeat or kill the challenger.